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Choosing speed in a mountainous terrain (27,2 Mb)

Crossing a crossroad with circular movement (11,8 Mb)

Incorrectly accounted overrunning (26,8 Mb)

Sudden appearance of a pedestrian in roadway (14,2 Mb)

Driving from secondary road to main road (8,9 Mb)

Risk caused by a child running and entering roadway (19,2 Mb)

Driving in high speed keeping a short distance (18,9 Mb)

Security measures while crossing uncontrolled pedestrian underpass (15,9 Mb)

Crossing uncontrolled pedestrian underpass (11,6 Mb)

Straightly passing controlled crossroad when green light of traffic light is blinking in limited right side view(10,1 Mb)

Hitting a pedestrian in a road without light in evening(16,9 Mb)

Importance of seat belts (33,9 Mb)

Seat belt (27 Mb)

Risk caused by vehicles moving in non-organized groups during wedding ceremonies (28,Mb)

Damage caused while exceeding the speed limit (10,2 Mb)

Risk caused by a pedestrian crossing over subway (31,4 Mb)

Changing traffic stripe near crossroad (36,2 Mb)

Crossing through pedestrian underpass in crossroad (6,3 Mb)

Risk caused by running while crossing road(14,8 Mb)

Hitting a pedestrian standing in roadway (17,7 Mb)