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Information by the Main STP Department of the MIA about the reasons for keeping “pickup” trucks at RPS posts

We signify on keeping “pickup” trucks at RPS posts that in accordance with the plan, the technical condition of military vehicles will be inspected together with the State Traffic Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other organizations carrying out the state registration of vehicles to provide timely, high-quality and full capacity to armed forces and special forces according to the “Registration Rules of military vehicle means” approved by the Order of the Cabinet of Minister of Azerbaijan Republic No.96 dated April 04, 2006.

“Pickup” type and other special purpose vehicles with suitable technical capacities are kept in stationary posts and notified to their owners for technical inspection of off-road operation systems in these vehicles, to clarify the registration indicators of vehicles and determine the area (city, settlement, village) of their use due to belonging to the category of high-speed cars on the list approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 51 dated February 16, 2006.