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To the attention of drivers on the Victory Parade

Preparations are underway due to Victory Parade to be held in Baku. Movement was restricted on some streets and avenues in order to ensure the safety of equipment related to the military parade to be held in Freedom Square. Currently, the traffic at the intersection of Rashid Behbudov and Neftchilar avenues, passing through Rashid Behbudov, is defined in two directions along Zarifa Aliyeva, Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Javanshir Bridge and Afiyaddin Jalilov streets.

We ask drivers not to use private cars as much as possible in the direction of Azneft Circle and Neftchilar Avenue and Azadliq Square until the end of the military parade to avoid density and artificial traffic jam in these areas. Traffic is completely restricted on all streets and avenues crossing in the direction of Freedom Square and the Seaport.

Those who want to move from the center in the direction of Nobel Avenue should only move through the 10th factory circle and Babek Avenue.

In addition, it is planned to change directions from the 20th area circle, the 14th kilometer of the Baku-Salyan highway, near the Water Sports Palace in Bayil settlement, and the administrative building of the Fire Protection Department of Sabail district. Traffic from Afiyaddin Jalilov Street and Yusif Safarov Street is defined only to the right.

It will be impossible to drive private cars in the new boulevard, because military equipment has been placed on all roads in that direction.