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Appeal of the Main STP Department of the MIA to the citizens

In order to avoid accidents and other unpleasant situations on the roads due to extreme change in weather conditions, the Main STP Department warns drivers to pay attention to the technical condition of the vehicles they use.  

Taking into account the snowfall and the possibility of freezing roads in some areas, drivers are advised to use as little as possible old cars that are not equipped with winter tires, as well as those that have a long service life and are not equipped with ABS brake systems.

At the same time, persons driving vehicles must choose the movement speed according to the weather conditions, avoid unnecessary overtaking operations, sudden manoeuvres and sharp braking, and make sure that the car’s windshield wipers and washers, external lighting devices are working before leaving.  

And the pedestrians should walk on the sidewalk, not go on the roads, and cross the roads only in designated areas.

We urge all traffic participants to be extremely careful and follow the rules so as not to endanger their and other people’s lives and health.