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Appeal of the Main STP Department of the MIA to the traffic participants

According to the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, from 00:00 on December 14, 2020, control and preventive measures are continued at the special quarantine checkpoints located on the 52nd km of the Baku-Guba highway, on the 31st km of the Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh highway and on the 65th km of the Baku-Gazakh-Georgia highway. Persons attempting to cross the above-mentioned points without proper permission are identified and returned together with their vehicles, and administrative disciplinary measures are applied to the citizens violating the rules of the quarantine regime.

However, during the inspections, it is observed that some citizens try to pass through the checkpoints obtaining permission via SMS or with documents that do not give grounds for the pass, and leave the territory of the city and region where they are permanently registered. This causes delays, long queues and obstruction for those with the relevant permissions. Considering that persons without permissions will not be allowed to pass through quarantine points, they should not waste time and suffer additional difficulties by coming to the points travelling long distances.

We once again bring to the attention of our citizens that all measures taken in this direction serve to protect the life and health of the population. We hope that every traffic participant will spare no effort to prevent the spread of this terrible virus by increasing personal responsibility and strictly adhering to the rules of the tightened quarantine regime rules.