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Appeal from the MIA Main STP Department to the drivers and pedestrians

According to the information given by the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the weather will change sharply in the regions of Azerbaijan and the capital Baku from today, snow and wind will cause blizzards and roads will freeze.

Taking these into consideration, drivers should avoid high speeds and harsh manoeuvres on the roads, check the operational condition of the windshield wipers and washers, as well as external lighting devices before leaving, and use the car's interior heating and ventilation system properly.

Pedestrians should also adhere to the safety measures on the roads, prefer colourful clothes when travelling in the dark time of the day or in limited visibility conditions, and choose safe places as much as possible when moving near buildings.

At the same time, in strong windy weather, it is dangerous to park vehicles near high-rise buildings, under balconies and around the trees prone to falling.
The Main State Traffic Police Department advises all road users to be careful to protect the life and health of citizens and not to damage their cars.