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Main STP Department appealed to veterans violating traffic rules.

All of us are proud of martyrs and veterans who participated in the liberation of our lands. May Allah rest their souls in peace and bless them. However, unfortunately, some of veterans try to misuse the veteran status and cast a shadow over their veteran status by some behaviors.

Sometimes they remove number plates of cars and start driving on the road. What is the purpose in it? The only purpose is to avoid video surveillance cameras and radars on roads while violating traffic rules. It is unacceptable.

On the other side, some veterans grossly violate requirements of the Law on “Traffic Rules” while driving. When the traffic police stop them in accordance with the requirements of laws, they answer that “I am a veteran” and try to justify themselves. We say once again that we are proud of our veterans. However, the law is for everyone.

They made our nation to be proud by liberating our lands; however, it doesn’t mean that they can violate laws as they want. Not only our veterans, but also everyone should understand that the violation of traffic rules by a person can put not only his/her, but also other traffic participants’ lives at risk and cause serious car accidents. So, we ask some veterans to understand the nature of violations and not to cast a shadow over their honorable veteran status by such actions.