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Appeal of the Main STP Department to legal entities and individuals regarding flashing lights

Vehicles equipped with blue or red flashing lights on the front have recently become more common on highways. In addition to being a violation of the law, drivers of such vehicles sometimes create obstacle for other traffic participants.

According to the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Road Traffic”, a blue or red flashing light signal must be present only in operational vehicles, and their drivers must also turn on special light and sound signals when performing special tasks. It is also forbidden for other vehicles to use colour-changing lights. Vehicles equipped with special sound and light signals must be specially registered. Owners of vehicles equipped with flashing lights without the permission of the relevant authority shall be liable in accordance with the legislation.

Thus, in accordance with the requirements of Article 342.9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for equipping vehicles with special (polyphonic) sound or flashing light signals without the relevant permission, the tool for committing the administrative offense or the thing that was the direct object of the administrative offense will be confiscated, and a fine of five hundred to eight hundred manats will be charged. Also, if it is not possible to eliminate these violations on the spot, the vehicle will be placed in a guarded parking lot. The issue will be addressed to the judicial authorities for a legal assessment, and the imposition of a fine will be determined in accordance with the decision of the court.

The Main State Traffic Police Department reminds once again that blue or red flashing lights are allowed only in operational vehicles, and asks legal entities and individuals to eliminate such cases in their cars as soon as possible. Otherwise, administrative measures will be taken against those who commit such violations.