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To the attention of legal entities and individuals engaged in cargo transportation

Despite the fact that the cases of transportation of cargo exceeding the norm by vehicles are contrary to the legislation, observations show that there are still cases of similar violations by some drivers. Taking into account the above-mentioned, as well as the increase in the probability of deformation of asphalt pavement roads as a result of the movement of heavy vehicles in the summer season, in order to prevent such cases, the Main STP Department of the MIA brings to the attention of legal and physical persons engaged in cargo transportation, any cargo, regardless of its destination, should not exceed the following mass limits determined by the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan and should be transported as much as possible at relatively cool times of the day.
•    for two-axle vehicle    18 t
•    for triaxial vehicle      25 t
•    for a vehicle consisting of two pair wheels equipped with a three-axle, air or equivalent suspension with a drive axle    26 t
•    four-axle, two-axle drive vehicle with an air or equivalent suspension, each of which consists of two pairs of wheels    32 t

Vehicles that form part of a combined vehicle
•    for two-axle trailers    18 t
•    for triaxial trailers    24 t

Combined vehicles
For rigs with saddle:
•    the distance between the axles of the two-axle traction two-axle trailer and the semi-trailer is 1.3 or more, but not more than 1.8 m    36 t
•    if the distance between the axles of two-axle semi-trailers and semi-trailers is more than 1.8    38 t
•    two-axle lift with triaxial semitrailer    40 t
•    triaxial lift with two-axle semitrailer    40 t
•    triaxial lift with triaxial semitrailer    40 t
•    two-axle or three-axle semi-trailers with a length of 12,192 m, width 2,438 m, height 2,438 m or 2,591 m or 2,896 m    44 t

For rigs with trailer:
when transporting container (40 feet container)
•    two-axle truck with two-axle trailer    36 t
•    two-axle truck with triaxial trailer    42 t
•    triaxial truck with two-axle trailer    42 t
•    triaxial truck with triaxial trailer    44 t
•    triaxial truck with four-axle trailer    44 t

•    for two-axle    18 t
•    for  triaxial     24 t
•    for combined with triaxial hinges    28 t
•    for combined with four-axle hinges    28 t

It is also brought to the attention of drivers, as well as officials and legal entities carrying out the transportation, in case of detection of exceeding the specified load parameters in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation physical persons driving this vehicle with prohibition will be fined six hundred manats, officials who have allowed to load it together with the permitted size, weight and load exceeding the axle mass parameters from one thousand four hundred manats to seven hundred manats, legal entities-from four thousand to five thousand manats.