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Important recommendations for drivers on sleep and food regime from official of the Ministry of Health

The safe completion of trips with motor vehicles is directly related to the fact that drivers get quality sleep, eat right food and, of course, give up alcoholic beverages. We bring to the attention of drivers some recommendations, believing that the Main STP Department of the MIA will contribute to the educational work in this area, as well as the more detailed study of the mentioned factors and the memorization of important points and their application in practice will be important for traffic safety.
1.    Quality sleep
Although the needs and modes of sleep of each person are different, the average sleep time for most adults is 8 hours. Poor quality sleep or not getting enough sleep can subsequently cause excessive sleep, which is a factor that directly affects your attention and performance decline. Management of vehicles in a sleepy state, of course, is a source of potential danger and inevitably leads to traffic accidents.
2.    The style of nutrition of drivers
The foods we consume throughout the day and our overall style of nutrition have a much more serious impact on concentration and attention than we think. It is in the hands of drivers to safely overcome the roads with the right food.
Scientific studies have shown that breakfast is a factor that significantly affects concentration and attention. In the morning, drivers have breakfast before the start of the trip, which implies a safe completion of the planned trip. Protein-rich breakfast keeps drivers satiated for a long time. Drivers are advised to have cheese, eggs, rye bread, raw vegetables at breakfast. Although freshly squeezed fruit juice is the most suitable option for breakfast, if the driver can not refuse tea, he can also drink tea provided that it is weak.
The second important issue in nutrition of the driver is the time intervals between meals and the number of meals. Because, when a person is hungry for a long time, blood sugar drops, which causes fatigue, weakness and distraction. The ideal time interval between meals is 3 hours. For balancing blood sugar, drivers are also recommended to take snacks at least once a day, in addition to the main meal. In the snack should be given preference to fruits, dairy products, dry cookies. During feeding, it is necessary to give up sweets rich in carbohydrates, and fatty foods unequivocally. Because such foods cause a rapid increase in blood sugar, which ultimately leads to a decrease in attention and difficulty concentrating.
3.    Alcoholic beverages
We all know how dangerous it is to drink alcoholic beverages and get behind the wheel. But, unfortunately, most of our drivers are unaware that alcohol does not leave the human body for a long time. We must not forget that since the effect of alcoholic beverages remains in the body for a long time, this factor can significantly reduce our attention and working capacity. It is strongly not recommended for drivers to drink alcohol 24 hours before the trip in order to avoid unwanted and traffic accidents.
Remember, every necessary rule binds us together!
Medical Expert Of The Ministry Of Health Exp. Dr. Zakir Guliyev