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The appeal of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and The Agro Services Agency under The Ministry of Agriculture to legal entities and individuals working in the agrarian sector

Recently, in most regions of the republic, in connection with the collection of agricultural products, there have been cases of frequent movement of equipment used in this field on highways and transportation of various types of goods.
However, it should be noted with regret that sometimes traffic violations such as the implementation of such transportation by drivers with non-compliance with technical standards, faulty external lighting devices, non-state registration signs, as well as transportation of people working in the fields in trucks and tractor trailers, carrying out with exceeding weight and measurement parameters without packaging the product are allowed, this creates realistic conditions for the occurrence of serious traffic accidents.
In order to prevent such accidents, legal entities and individuals working in the agricultural sector and involved in the transportation of these types of products are requested to carry out transportation of agricultural products only by vehicles that are in good condition from technical point of view, as well as, be sure to pay special attention not to drive under the influence of alcoholic beverages or psychotropic substances, as well as being tired and sleepy, regardless of the movement of agricultural machinery on a road or on a field of sowing.