State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The official of the MSTPD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs responded to the human rights activist: Fikrat Jafarliā€™s opinion about the police, including the State Traffic Police, does not correspond to reality.

24 August 2022-nd

“The position expressed by human rights activist Fikrat Jafarli regarding the activities of the State Traffic Police is not based on specific facts, and therefore expresses the subjective opinion of a person. Unfortunately, this gives readers the wrong idea about the activities of the police. Fikrat Jafarli says he receives complaints from drivers of trucks transporting grass in the Masalli region and claims that STP employees are causing problems for them. The author, without referring to specific facts and without exploring the true essence of the issue raised, for some reason hastily takes a more accusatory position. The real essence of the matter is that the Main STP Department has taken preventive measures to transport unpacked highly flammable bales of grass that exceed the overall dimensions established by law along local and interregional roads of the Republic. Strengthening control over the state of compliance with safety regulations in this area directly serves to protect the life and health of people. However, there are those who violate the safety rules. A few days ago, a fire in a truck carrying grass in the village of Grizdahna, Guba region, could lead to serious consequences. The public saw and appreciated the dedication of the police officers in eliminating the danger. To prevent such incidents, STP employees are taking legal action against drivers who do not follow the recommendations and violate the rules, as well as conduct outreach to the population throughout the country”.

This was stated in a statement to by an employee of the Main State Traffic Police Department, Police Lieutenant Colonel Mubariz Aghayev.

“Fikret Jafarli notes that if there were no criticism, the activities of the police would look abnormal. But this does not mean that baseless ideas should be publicized in the name of criticism. Criticism should be healthy, factual and reasonable. Today, people have a platform like a social network to express their opinions, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs has made every effort so that people can contact the police through social media or networks. However, it is unacceptable to allow individuals to abuse it, to express opinions aimed at reducing public confidence in the police. F. Jafarli argues that an atmosphere of impunity reigns in the internal affairs bodies. First of all, I must point out that these opinions are baseless and biased. Today our society is well aware that The most serious disciplinary measures are applied to police officers who make mistakes in their official activities, up to exclusion from the internal affairs bodies, and the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs provides extensive information about this to the public.

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