State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Address by the Main STP Department to legal and physical entities providing taxi services in the territory of the Republic

10 April 2017-th

According to the results of the analysis of traffic accidents and observations, there is an increase in the number of violations of traffic safety rules committed by bus and minibus drivers and traffic accidents caused by such violations. The observations revealed that most of such violations are caused by the drivers who are engaged in passenger transportation on the route of Baku-Sumgait.

The Main STP Department will conduct raids together with the related bodies in order to provide safety of the passengers using the above-mentioned route and to strengthen control in this regard. In the framework of the raids, technical conditions of buses and minibuses will be strictly controlled in Baku, Sumgait and special police posts organized along the route, and the drivers whose experience of car driving is less than 5 years and whose vehicles are provided with more seats than the specified number, who use defective brake and steering systems and tires carving weight of which does not meet the standards (at least 2 mm) will not be allowed to engage in driving. The journalists and the employees of the State Road Transport Service of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies will participate in the raids in order to carry out relevant works for bringing the drivers engaged in illegal passenger transportation to justice.  

In this respect, the Main STP Department asks the legal and physical entities providing taxi services on the above-mentioned route to work in compliance with the Rules of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Passenger and Luggage Carriage by Road Transport and thus, to provide safety of other road users, to ensure that the passengers get in and get off only in the designated stopping places in the auto stations for the purpose of convenience of the passengers between the start point and destination and to follow strictly the foregoing technical requirements.

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