State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Address of Main STP Department of MIA to drivers and automobile owners in connection with requirements of standards for state registration plate of mechanical vehicles

12 October 2017-th

Recently, violation cases regarding the requirements of the standards envisaged by legislation have been discovered in the state registration plate of some vehicles. Thus, diferent drivers deliberately erase hyphen symbols engraved on number plate with several means, thinking as if it seems more charming, without considering that such action is an infringement. That is, erasion of a symbol, which is supposed as a typical little line by driver, is regarded as violation of requirements of  standards for state registration plate, that cause driver to be fined by the officers of the Traffic Patrol Service in the result.  
Taking into account these facts, the Main STP Department of the MIA brings to the attention of vehicle owners and drivers that 1 month is given for eliminating such violation cases (erasion of hyphen symbols and framework line) regarding the requirements of the standards envisaged by legislation, otherwise commission of the vehicle will be prohibited and the drivers will be held liable, as well as if such cases are revealed by the images in the electronic protocol drawn up for other infringements through special technical devices, additional administrative nonpunitive measure will be taken about persons committing administrative violations.

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