State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Appeal of the Main STP of the MIA to the traffic participants who want to visit districts from the capital in the coming holidays

29 December 2020-th

As due to the toughened special quarantine regime applied in some cities and districts in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection,  access to those areas are possible only on the basis of appropriate authorities or information entered in “” portal, recently people especially living and working in Baku, Sumgayit cities and Absheron district are observed to massively visit recreation areas in different regions of the country together with their family members on weekends or pre-holiday under the name of business trip.   

In order to prevent abuse of such authorities, Main STP of the MIA warns the traffic participants once again that although employees who work in service areas not available on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on holidays are issued appropriate authorities or their information are entered in “” portal, if such people try to go to the areas that they were sent on weekends, they will not be able to pass special quarantine posts located within the boundaries of administrative territories in which toughened special quarantine regime are applied.

Considering abovementioned statements and negative effects of people’s trying to go to other districts and returning from quarantine regime posts with their minor children, they are recommended to give up such visits in order to prevent the spread of the infection.

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