State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Appeal of the Main STP Department of the MIA

19 January 2021-st

To prevent the accidents that may occur and different unpleasant circumstances due to a sudden change in the weather, the Main STP Department of asks drivers to be attentive while driving, to provide technical condition of vehicles, particularly season tires and to evaluate the weather condition during movement properly.

Taking into account the possibility of ice on some roads, drivers should prevent the use of vehicles which remaining height of the tread pattern does not meet the requirements (not less than 1.6 mm for automobiles, not less than 1 mm for cargo vessels, not less than 2 mm for buses, not less than 0.8 mm for motorcycles and mopeds) of the norms.

Drivers are recommended to choose movement speed according to weather conditions, not to overtake unnecessarily, do not make sharp maneuvers, and brakes from the high probability of vehicles slipping compared to other days.

They must also make sure that glass wipers and washers, as well as external lighting devices are in working order by cleaning the car's windshield before leaving and ensure that engine cooling system and windshield are provided with non-freezing liquids.

So that in such weather conditions drivers with little driving experience in snowy icy roads are asked not to use vehicles by taking into consideration the high probability of endangering the life and health of themselves and other participants in the movement.

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