State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Information of the Main STP Department of the MIA

09 April 2021-st

376 traffic accidents resulting in deaths and injuries were recorded in the country during 3 months of 2021. 125 people died in these accidents, while 370 people received various kinds of body injuries. The number of accidents decreased by 45 (-10,7%) facts, the number of deaths 56 (-30,9%) people and the number of injuries by 8 (-2,1%) people in comparison to the relevant period of the previous year.

The analysis showed that 365 (97%) traffic accidents happened namely as a result of violation of traffic rules by drivers (9 – 2,4% by pedestrians). 43,2% of these violations, that is 158 of them happened as a result of high-speed driving by drivers, 29.8% (109) of them as a result of violation of the rules of exit and overtaking of the oncoming traffic lane.

To hit a pedestrian (142 - 37,7%, 49 dead, 99 injured) and clash (136 - 36,1%, 35 dead, 179 injured) prevail among the types of traffic accidents again.

50 of the 125 (20 women, 7 persons at 7-16 ages) people killed, were pedestrians, 42 drivers, 29 passengers, 3 cyclists.

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