State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Appeal to traffic participants

10 April 2021-st

Control and preventive raids are planned by bodies of Internal Affairs in order to prevent law violations that are widespread in the society and annoy people, as well as to conduct awareness-raising actions for compliance with traffic rules by traffic participants.

Raids that are planned to be constantly implemented in the country starting from April of the current year, shall include preventive actions against violation of stopping and parking, use rules of seat belts, lighting devices and sound signals by drivers, non-stop to pedestrians by drivers, as well as non-compliance with rules by pedestrians, motorcycle, moped and bicycle drivers, driving a vehicle without driving license and under the influence of alcohol by drivers, environmental pollution with toxic gases emitted from vehicles and preventing child trauma, including violations of anti-epidemic regime, sanitary-hygiene and quarantine regime, as well as requirements related to use of personal protective equipment.

Main STP of MIA appeals to traffic participants once again and call them to follow traffic rules, to prevent violations in this field, to ensure civic satisfaction and public interests, as well as to attend actively in preventive actions that will contribute to the promotion of traffic culture through mass media and awareness-raising affairs.

We guess that such actions will play an important role in minimizing the number of traffic accidents.  

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