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Traffic participants should treat each other with mutual respect.

19 November 2021-st

In recent days, there have been complaints on social media about parking cars on the sidewalks, which is strongly condemned by social media users. Pedestrians say that they cannot move comfortably on the sidewalks designed for them in the city. Article 52 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Road Traffic” defines the rules of “Stopping and staying”. Unless otherwise provided by law, vehicles are allowed to stop and stay in one row on right side of the road – on road shoulder or at side of active part of the road if there is no road shoulder. Motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles without side trailers may stop and stay in two rows at side of the active part of the road. Only cars, motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles are allowed to stay at the side of pavement adjacent to the active part of the road, provided that they do not impede the movement of pedestrians.     
However, it is prohibited to stop and stay on the sidewalks, unless otherwise provided for in the regulations. Drivers should not park on the sidewalks, especially for the comfort and safety of pedestrians. Sidewalk is a section intended for the movement of pedestrians, and therefore vehicles should be parked only in parking lots designated for them and signed in the prescribed manner.
Apparently, there is a requirement not to impede the movement of pedestrians, even if they are allowed to stay on the sidewalks. It is obvious that every driver wants to park near their home or workplace. However, it should be understood that pedestrians who are unable to walk on the pavement are forced to continue their movement on the road. And this is not only a life-threatening situation for pedestrians, but also leads to distraction of drivers, and sometimes results in an accident.  
Also, in some parts of the capital, drivers park their vehicles in front of ramps designed for use of the disabled people and those with a pushchair, or use such places and occupy the sidewalk with their cars. As a result, they create a serious obstacle for these people. In general, all traffic participants should treat each other with mutual respect.
According to Article 346.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Azerbaijan, penalty for violation of stopping and staying rules – twenty manats, Article 346.2 penalty for other vehicles stopping or staying in common use transport vehicles` stopping-places or at a distance less than 15 meters from the traffic signs 5.12, 5.13 – forty manats.  
However, we advise people not to be threatened by punishment, but to act as a disciplined driver and a responsible citizen, not to be held administratively liable by following the rules and not to cause legitimate dissatisfaction of other participants in the movement.  However, we advise people not to be threatened with punishment, but to act as a disciplined driver and a responsible citizen, by following the rules they will not be held administratively liable and not cause reasonable dissatisfaction of other traffic participants.

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