Informations 05 August 2022-nd

The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs started to hold the month of “Clean Air”.

Services of STP

LIST of the services rendered to legal and natural persons by Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic.
  • Theoretical and practical examining of persons intending to get a driving license that gives the right to drive a vehicle.
  • Annual technical checkup of a vehicle.
  • Registration, re-registration of vehicles, their removal from the registration, making changes to technical registration documents, registration certificate, registration marks, transit marks, issuance of “AZ” state distinguishing signs, and checkup of vehicles during these operations.
  • Documentation and presentation of national and international driving licenses.
  • Documentation of vehicles purchase in State Traffic Police Department, depending on their holders’ will.
  • Registration of vehicles pledge contract in State Traffic Police Department and presentation of appropriate certificate.
  • Accompanying vehicles that carry non-standard oversize cargoes, explosive and radioactive substances by State Traffic Police.
  • Issuance of special allowance card for letting cargo-carrying vehicles and buses in some parts of the road network.
  • Permission for providing vehicles with new equipment, changing their type, putting special equipment and aggregate.
  • Making and agreeing safe traffic schemes in objects being constructed on parting stripe of automobile ways.

Special product forms legalized in the course of service are sold on following prices:
  • Registration marks – 18 AZN
  • Driving license – 15 AZN
  • Registration certificate – 15 AZN