Manual on rules of State Traffic Police control over technical state of vehicles and ensuring their safe traffic

on rules of State Traffic Police control over technical state of vehicles and ensuring their safe traffic
1. General provisions
1.1. This manual has been made in accordance with the Laws of Azerbaijan Republic “On Road Traffic”, “On Police”, “On Transport” and other laws, as well as 15.03.1999 dated № 40 and 30.06.2000 dated № 110 Decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, international contracts, which Azerbaijan is party and other regulatory legal acts related to ensuring road traffic safety, and regulates the activity of control over technical state of vehicles by State Traffic Police (hereinafter called as STP).

1.2. Primary duty of STP for technical control is to ensure road traffic safety and exploitation of vehicles technically in good condition.

1.3. Legal and natural persons should follow principles provided in the legislation in regard to ensuring road traffic safety and instructions of STP on implementation of these principles.
2. Main directions of control over technical condition of vehicles.
2.1. Control, in transport enterprises and garages, over keeping vehicles technically in good condition.
Actions in transport enterprises on keeping vehicles in good condition include the followings:
2.1.1. To fulfil maintenance and current repair of vehicles on production-technical base.
2.1.2. To examine technical order of vehicles.
2.1.3. To eliminate technical disorder.
2.1.4. To make orders for repair in time and fulfil them.
2.1.5. Record and analysis of traffic accidents happened because of technical disorder
2.1.6. Technical condition of motor vehicles in accordance with the previous official checkup result.
2.1.7. Availability of control and measurement devices used for examining technical state of vehicles, as well as their metrological attestation and conditions of their use.
2.1.8. To ensure harmful effect of vehicles put into exploitation, over environment, to comply with accepted standards. 
2.1.9. Organization of pre-run, post-run and periodic medical examination of drivers.
2.2. Control over technical condition of vehicles on highways. 
2.2.1. Control on roads over technical condition of vehicles is carried out by means of control and measurement devices and by means of vehicles equipped with such devices in stationary and diagnostic posts of STP. Control over technical condition of vehicles is realized by complying with the principles of the Law “On Road Traffic”. Vehicles with evident technical disorder and technical disorder of which doesn’t comply with standards mentioned in Annex 1 of the Law “On Road Traffic” are stopped and examined properly. Control over technical condition of vehicles should be carried out in a short period of time as possible, and should not put obstacles in other traffic participants’ way, while examining.
2.2.2. Ambulances, fire engines, mail engines, automobiles of collectors, search-and-rescue service, also operations automobiles of internal affairs and national security authorities, and military automobiles, vehicles carrying explosive, hazardous, radioactive and other goods, buses, taxis, trolleybuses, trams with passengers are not stopped in order to be examined for their technical state on roads.
NOTE: Technical condition of buses may only be examined in final stops of routes and bus stations.

3. Main duties of STP in controlling over technical state of vehicles.
3.1. To have control over making and re-assembling body and body parts of structures of vehicles within a model in steering wheel, brake system and structure through factory method with transmission gear meeting international standards, licensing legal and natural persons to change sets, body and body parts, and compliance of vehicles with road traffic safety requirements, state standards, regulatory documents. 
3.2. To provide opinion on technical project documents and technical state of vehicles equipped in an elaborate way, from the standpoint of their conformity to the requirements of traffic safety, to participate in testing vehicles, to send presentations to relevant bodies about stopping manufacture of models (product) not meeting regulatory requirements.
3.3. To have control over technical state of vehicles, carry out periodic official checkup, prohibit exploitation of vehicles, construction or technical condition of which doesn’t meet the requirements mentioned in Annex 1 to the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On road traffic”, specified standards, as well as structures of which were wilfully changed and reassembled without permission.

In cases specified by law, prohibition of vehicles is carried out by taking off its front state registration number, drawing up an official checkup statement in duplicate - one for driver and making administrative protocol about driver.
Vehicles with disordered brake system, steering mechanism and traction unit are taken to repair by towing in a serious way. In case of other technical disorders, drivers can carefully move to residence or area of repair in disordered vehicle.
After technical disorder of vehicle is eliminated, the automobile, in accordance with reference given by maintenance area (if it was repaired there), should be presented to STP for re-examination. If automobile is in good condition, its state number plate is given back to driver.  
3.4. To realize control, independently or together with environmental protection, sanitary-epidemiological and state standards authorities, over the compliance with valid rules, principles and standards in the field of protection of environment from vehicles’ harmful wastes.

3.5. Irrespective of the property type, control over the activity of legal and natural persons on road traffic safety, compliance of maintenance and repair service rendered to vehicles with technical regulations of road traffic safety, is carried out independently or together with other relevant authorities.
4. Distribution of duties of State Traffic Police units on technical control
4.1. Autotechnical inspection department of Main STP of AR MIA.
It has all powers on technical control, and executes at first the following duties in regard to its activity:
4.1.1. Develops legal regulatory documents ensuring control over technical state and official checkup of vehicles, studies practice of other countries in this field, brings up an issue before the administration of Main STPD in order the progressive offers to be accepted, introduces standards of newly accepted regulatory documents to STP units, prepares reviews, articles, announcements on technical control field, takes measures on broadcasting them via mass media.

4.1.2. Gives review to newly manufactured vehicles in Azerbaijan Republic, as well as making or re-equipping structures of vehicles, changing units and body parts, from the point of view of their compliance with traffic safety standards in cases documents on plans are required, takes part in their testing, gives presentation about removing examples not meeting standards from manufacture.
4.1.3. Gives consent on re-assembly of equipments on vehicles without requiring project documents.

4.1.4. Fulfils control over protection of environment from harmful effects of vehicles, and acts in this sphere independently and together with protection, sanitary-epidemiological authorities.
4.1.5. Studies organization of activity of the ministry, committee, concern, company, main department and other organizations, as specified by the legislation.
4.1.6. Acts together with other executive bodies in developing regulatory documents and state standards.
4.1.7. Police offices and departments of cities and regions organize activity of STP units, vehicles examination stations on technical control and official checkup, also require relevant reports from them, provide practical assistance and inspect their activities.
4.2. STP offices (divisions, groups) of CDP Department:
4.2.1. Organize regular official checkup of automobiles, buses, motorcycles, scooters and trailers (semitrailers).

4.2.2. Control whether engine, body, chassis numbers, type and other properties of vehicles conform to those noted on registration certificate.
4.2.3. Control actions realized by legal entities, auto industries and other organizations for keeping vehicles in good condition.

4.2.4. Have control over road traffic safety and vehicles’ being technically kept in good condition for protection from harmful effect of environment, and setting up radio-electronic devices and radio stations on consent of the Ministry of Communications.
4.3. Examination Centre of Main State Traffic Police Department
4.3.1. Examination centre carries out official checkup of vehicles and control of technical condition of vehicles that are participants of traffic accidents, in inter-examination period, as well as upon the decision of investigative agencies.

4.3.2. Official checkup of vehicles in examination centres should be carried out on all days of a week and the activity should be organized in two shifts, if needed.

4.3.3. Activity of examination centre is run according to quarterly plan. Work plan includes the following actions in addition to checking technical condition of vehicles:
-To improve the activity on checking technical state of vehicles;
-To improve examination techniques and technology;
-To inspect examination equipments, control and measurement devices by the metrology and state standard bodies, to organize provision of their maintenance, repair and examination. 
Work plan may also include other actions directed to the improvement of Examination centre’s activity.

4.3.4. A document on paying highway-user tax and state duties is required for official checkup of each vehicle to be checked in examination centre.

4.3.5. Technical state of vehicles participated in traffic accidents, is examined with the presence of witnesses upon instruction of investigator or inspector.

4.3.6. Examination blank (Annex 2 to Manual), for each vehicle to be examined at the centre, is filled in by technical controllers and some remarks about examination results are made.

4.3.7. The drawn up examination blanks are kept in file for two years, and they are used for control over technical state of vehicles or implemented work.  
4.3.8. Equipments and devices in examination centre are attached to collaborators and they are responsible for preserving the attached equipments and devices in good condition.

4.3.9. Engineer of examination centre controls the use of equipments and devices, takes stock of their repair and maintenance, giving another place, trains collaborators in their exploitation and preservation order, conducts their meteorological examination.
5. Demands for preparing structures of vehicles and additional equipments, arranging technical projects and specifications, testing examples and approving them for manufacture
5.1. According to the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On Road Traffic”, control over the structures of newly designed vehicles, also those which are in exploitation, sizes, weight, brake system, seats of a driver and passengers, light signals and devices, steering mechanism of which have been reassembled, is carried out at stages of arrangement of technical instruction, technical plan and specifications, test of vehicles and approval for manufacture. The following data are checked in this case:
-brief description of application field of product;
- road condition and exploitation procedure, speed and power limits intended for a motor transport;
-Weight parameters (supplied mass, full mass, payloud, number of passengers, full mass of trailer, distribution of full mass on axles);
- braking way, slowing acceleration, brake force, its distributional description on axles and wheels;
-lightening side of road;
-minimum and sizeable turn radiuses;
-Other requirements specified by the Law, regulatory documents and standards on road traffic safety.
5.1.1. Settlement of project documentation is carried out within 30 days. Exploitation of vehicles not complying with the standards, project documents of which are not made correctly or have shortages, or those made according to documents not coordinated with Main State Traffic Police Department, is not allowed and they are not registered. Such documents are given back by mentioning shortages.
5.2. Tests of vehicles on the stage of approving them for manufacture should be held by commissions appointed by legal entity making the product. Place for test is determined by the commission. Commission includes collaborators of scientific-research institutions or laboratories for road traffic safety, and of MSTP Department of MIA having control over the product on the stage of settling project documents.
5.2.1. Acceptance commission makes minutes and acceptance act on approved form for tests results. In cases examples don’t stand tests, proposals on improving the structure are written on protocol by the time the act is signed. Compositions of remade structures are tested again.
5.2.2. Acts of examples not standing tests are not signed and in this case, a requisition (Annex 3 to Manual) is sent to design organizations.

5.3. While settling specifications of vehicles, protocol and act made on approval test results are presented in addition to drafts of vehicles. Besides, properties of structure and draft manual with remarks on exploitation of those vehicles upon the permission of STP only, for large-sized and other vehicles requiring special conditions of movement, are submitted, as well.

5.3.1. Certificate on settling structures considered principal for putting into exploitation the manufactured product (Annex 4 to Manual) and in addition, equipment installation scheme for special-purpose cars are issued to project organizations, while settling specifications.
6. Actions concerning the installation of equipments, project documents of which are not required, on vehicles
6.1. Installation of equipments, project documents of which are not required, on vehicles (Annex 5 to Manual) is carried out upon respective consent of Main STP Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. To coordinate reinstallation process with MSTPD, citizens present registration certificate of the vehicle in addition to application (Annex 6 to Manual).
6.2. Vehicles, working out and settling project documents of which is not intended, include individually made cars, amphibias, trailers of cars, motorcycles, scooters and their carriages, as well as vehicles re-assembled in a simple form.
6.3. Individually made cars, motorcycles and trailers structures are checked to conform to technical properties (Annex 7 to Manual) specified by the institute (laboratory) of scientific-research for road traffic safety. If cars, motorcycles and trailers meet specification, review (Annex 8 to Manual), draft, scheme and photos should be attached by the commission or the institute (laboratory). After this review is approved by MSTPD, it is accounted principal document required for registration of vehicles.
6.4. Individually assembling vehicles manufactured by automobile factories, from spares (sets and units) is not allowed.
7. Record and report of technical control procedure of State Traffic Police
7.1. Fulfilled activities for technical control are separately recorded in all units and divisions of STP, and its results are used in preparing events with the object of increasing efficiency of work.
7.2. Monthly (Annex 13 to manual) and annual (form № 10 DYP, Annex 14 to manual) data, reference on carried out activities are sent to Main STP Department by STP units in order to record and summarize the work for republic in the field of technical control.
8. Conducting state official checkup of vehicles and their trailers
8.1. Aims in conducting state official checkup:
8.1.1. To control technical condition of vehicles whether it complies with effective traffic safety rules, norms and standards;
8.1.2. To make precise belonging, number and other data on registration of vehicles;
8.1.3. To prevent criminal events and administrative offences in regard to vehicles;
8.1.4. To ensure control of drivers whether they have driving licenses of relevant category and respective document granting the right of dispose of vehicles, validity period of driving licenses, annual highway-user tax received from vehicles owners and paying state duties.
8.2. Automotive vehicles of all types, brands and models with engine, swept volume of which is 50 cm3 and more, and maximum constructive speed of which is more than 50 km/hour, as well as their trailers and semitrailers, permanently and temporarily registered in the Republic, belonging to legal and natural persons (excluding Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other combinations), are offially checked up once a year from January1 to October 31, taking into account brands of vehicles;
- For automobiles of “VAZ” brand: from January 1 to May 1;
- For automobiles of “Qaz”, “Moskvich”, “ZAZ”, “UAZ” brands and cars manufactured by CIS: from May 1 to July 1;
- For trucks and buses: from July 1 to September 1;
- For cars manufactured in foreign countries (excluding CIS states): from September 1 to October 31;
8.2.1. Vehicle, registered in manufactured year is not involved in official checkup in the same year and is provided with official checkup card. Vehicles, trailers and semitrailers manufactured in the previous years, but registered in the current year are examined.
8.2.2. Voluntarily presented vehicles by the citizens before the provided period, may be involved in official checkup.
8.2.3. Date, on checkup cards issued to good conditioned examined vehicles, of their presentation to official checkup should conform to the specified periods.
8.2.4. Technical control and official checkup of vehicles belonging to the embassies, consulates, representations having diplomatic immunity and other organizations considered equal to them, as well as the aliens with such status in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic, is carried out by STP offices and divisions through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
8.3. Actions for arrangement of state official checkup.
8.3.1. State official checkup of vehicles and trailers is fulfilled by the territorial State Traffic Police units (examination centers, diagnostic posts) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic.

8.3.2. Annual examination of vehicles not having permanent or temporary territorial (excluding Examination Center of Main STPD) registration is prohibited.
8.3.3. Technical state and equipment of vehicles should comply with the requirements of road traffic safety and the standards specified by Annex 1 of the Law “On Road Traffic” from environmental protection standpoint. Technically disordered vehicles are not permitted for road traffic.
8.3.4. State Traffic Police body, taking into account offers of legal entities, makes general schedule on conducting territorial official checkup of automotive vehicles by January 1 every year. Name of legal entity, number of vehicles, place of official checkup, date of presentation are noted in that schedule and its copy is sent to MSTP Department of MIA (and district STP units subordinated to city present to upper STP unit on subordibation).
8.3.5. STP informs people beforehand about the rules of presenting vehicles to official checkup.

8.3.6. Place (examination center, technical control post, garages, institutions with proper condition to check technical state of vehicles and other areas) for official checkup is defined by STP.
8.3.7. Administration of the institution notes required information (excluding opinion on technical state)
in examination statement blanks (Annexes 9 and 10 to Manual) and that statement is approved by the administration and head accountant of the institution, presented to territorial STP 10 days prior to examination.

8.3.8. When state checkup is conducted in the institutions, officials and engineers-technical workers of the institution should also be involved in checking technical state of vehicles on consent of the institution administration.
8.4. Rules of presenting vehicles to state official checkup.
8.4.1. Owners of vehicles (authorized person) are obliged to present their vehicles to state official checkup in good condition during the period not less than the time mentioned on checkup card. Owner of the vehicle (driver) bears administrative responsibility for not complying with that period.
8.4.2. State official checkup of vehicles is conducted after the owner of vehicle or person having the right of dispose presents the following documents:
1) Document, granting the right to drive the vehicle; 
2) Registration certificate of the vehicle;
3) Document of maintenance area or station rendering guaranteed service (if such service was rendered by that station or area) on eliminating disorders causing prohibition of vehicle’s exploitation;
4) Requiring other documents except the mentioned ones is not allowed.
8.4.3. If it is impossible to bring vehicles to the place where state official checkup is conducted (in connection with technical disorder, etc), its owner or person responsible for its technical condition should apply to STP in writing during the period specified in item 8.4.1 of this Manual.
STP collaborator conducts official checkup of vehicles at stopping-place. If disorder causing prohibition of vehicles’ exploitation is found, official checkup statement is made in duplicate, front number plate of the vehicle is taken off, use of the vehicle is prohibited till the disorder is eliminated. The 1st copy of that statement is kept and the other one is given to vehicle owner.
NOTE: In this case, owner of the vehicle ensures the state automobile inspector’s being taken to the place where the vehicle is stopped, with the purpose of examination.
8.4.4. After the disorders are eliminated, vehicle is examined again and if it is considered technically in good condition, state registration number is given back, its owner is issued official checkup card.
8.5. Rules of conducting state official checkup.
8.5.1. State official checkup is carried out in STP units, their examination centers, transport enterprises determined by STP with such conditions, maintenance stations, technical control posts with necessary condition (examination stands, control and measurement devices, lifting gears, checkup trenches, area covered with asphalt or control posts, etc) to check technical state of vehicles.
8.5.2. Completion of official checkup of every vehicle starts with controlling the conformity of type, model, registration mark, as well as chassis, body and engine numbers, colour of vehicles to remarks made on registration certificate of vehicles, and comparing with the list of vehicles in search and registration documents.
8.5.3. If cases like forgery in state registration certificate, documents giving the right of use of and driving the vehicle, unconformity of engine, body and chassis numbers to remarks on registration documents of vehicles, damage of sets and units numbers or affixing numbers on them through false method, are found, the documents are taken and vehicles are kept in determinate order. The found fact is documented in accordance with the legislation (that is, act is made with the participation of owner, explanation is received and so on) and is sent to proper examination body for its investigation.
8.5.4. When special-purpose vehicles and vehicles of operating service are examined, availability of special light and sound signals, good condition and appropriateness of their installation, conformity of colour graphics of vehicles to standards, norms and specifications, are checked.

8.5.5. Technical state of trailers (semitrailers) is checked as joined to automobile (They are issued official checkup card).

8.5.6. While conducting state official checkup of preserved vehicles, their completeness is controlled. If there is any doubt about the good condition of vehicle, technical state of motor and transmitting units are controlled without taking supports intended for not keeping wheels under load.

8.5.7. Vehicles, not meeting one of the requirements of item 8.3.3 of the Regulations are considered disabled and their exploitation is prohibited proper to the effective legislation. If defects causing the prohibition of vehicle’s exploitation are found in the course of checkup, that vehicle is re-examined, after these defects are eliminated at the maintenance area or station.
8.5.8. STP issues official checkup card (Annex 11 to Manual) to examined faultless vehicles and trailers. Remarks are made on the card mentioning vehicle brand, state registration mark, owner’s name and surname, official checkup date, as well as the month of its presentation to official checkup in the following year. STP’s seal is affixed on it and it is stuck on front glass of lower right corner of the automobile in 15 cm distance on both sides from inside.

8.5.9. If the official checkup card is lost or damaged, registration documents and new card are issued by STP after the technical state of vehicles is checked.
8.5.10. Together with indicating official checkup results on registration form of the examined vehicle, number, brand, registration number, date of official checkup of vehicles, number of official checkup card, amount of annual highway-user tax and receipt number, as well as owner’s name are also mentioned in register (Annex 12 to Manual). Pages of the register are numbered and its stub is laced and sealed, is kept in STP for three years. 
8.5.11. Maintenance service to vehicles is carried out by owners of vehicles, persons with special technical knowledge and qualification or maintenance stations as specified by the Cabinet of Ministers. In farms where the number of vehicles is 10 and more than that, legal and natural entities fulfil guaranteed maintenance service to vehicles in maintenance areas organized for this purpose.
8.6. Control over conducting state official checkup.
8.6.1. Control over conducting state official checkup is carried out as follows:
- Controlling whether period and rules of conducting state official checkup of vehicles are followed;
-Optionally controlling (in the territory of the enterprise, when vehicles are routed and return and in exploitation process) the compliance of technical state and registration data of the examined vehicles with specified requirements;
-Comparing the approved data on results of official checkup of vehicles with number and registration information of recorded vehicles in STP files.
8.6.2. Control over official checkup of vehicles belonging to natural persons is fulfilled by working out file (recording of results of examination, making remarks about changing engine and body numbers, colour), and instructing motorway patrol controllers. STP units of cities and disticts, examination centres inform Main STP Department about the carried out activities every month (Annex 13 to Manual). 
8.6.3. Results of official checkup are analysed at the end of the year. Reasons of official checkup of vehicles are investigated, their number is determined, plan of proper measures is worked out for involving them in official checkup in the following year.
8.7. Documentation of state official checkup results.
8.7.1. Data about the vehicles examined at examination centre and technical control posts, structural departments for exam-registration, registered, re-registered and deregistered vehicles, also data about the vehicles that are provisionally recorded, at the same time statements made on vehicles checkup results and filled blanks are sent to STP within 10 days according to permanent registration of vehicles.

8.7.2. Vehicles recorded for short time are not included in final report in the territory where it was officially checked, their report is presented separately.

8.7.3. To document the results of official checkup and get checkup card, the following documents are submitted to STP by legal entity:
-2 copies of the statement approved by legal entity for presenting vehicles to official checkup;
-Documents related to number of vehicles, payment of annual highway-user tax, state duty for state official checkup;
Note: After the official checkup finishes, one of the copies is sent to the owner of vehicle, and the second one is kept by STP for the following 1 year.
8.7.4. Number of automobiles, motorcycles and trailers in the balance of legal entities is compared with registration forms of STP units of cities and districts, and STP submits to MSTP Department of MIA and territorial statistics department the general report on territorial official checkup result for “State statistics report” approved by 08.05.02 dated, № 19/14 Decision of State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan Republic, by November 15. After the report is checked by STP Department and generalized for Republic, one of their copies is sent to the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan Republic within a month.

8.7.5. Technical state of vehicles are analysed in auto industries due to the result of official checkup and readiness of vehicles is investigated, also proper plan of actions for eliminating the found defects is worked out. 

8.7.6. Violation of the requirements of this Manual will result in being made answerable as specified by the legislation.
9. Distribution of exemplary official responsibilities with regard to technical control activity of the Main State automobile inspector (State automobile inspector)
9.1. Controls technical state of vehicles and their correct exploitation in auto industries and highways, prohibits exploitation of disordered vehicles, calls guilty natural and legal persons to account, applies fine in place, if needed and submits presentation for eliminating shortages;
9.2. Organizes official checkup of motor vehicles and participates in holding it, ensures sending reports to MSTP Department;
9.3. Makes presentations on shortages in the field of ensuring road traffic safety, as well as on state of traffic accidents in automobile industries and discipline of drivers;
9.4. Ensures mutual close relations with other services of STP and members of the public in the sphere of technical control, instructs them in involving all forces and means in road traffic safety field;  

9.5. Constantly analyses traffic accidents happened due to technical disorder. Ensures correctly filling in and presenting at proper time the registration blanks of traffic accidents to Main STP Department of MIA;

9.6. Organizes carrying out actions in the direction of toxic substances, thrown from the vehicles put into operation, within the limit of norms;

9.7. Arranges speeches for radio and papers about the technical state of park for transport in service area
9.8. Receives the citizens in connection with technical control activity, makes proper decisions in accordance with their applications.