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Group of young assistants of traffic police

1.    General provisions
1.1    Group of young assistants of traffic police (GYATP) – is a voluntary unity created for the purpose of involving school children and teenagers in propagation of safe behavior habits in streets and roads.
1.2    Main purposes of the activity of GYATP:
-    Fostering patriotic feelings in children and teenagers;
-    Forming high general culture, also traffic culture in children and teenagers;
-    Fostering collectivism feelings, professional tendency in children and teenagers.
1.3    Principal duties of GYATP:
-    To decrease the level of children’s traumatism in traffic accidents;
-    To foster pupils and support the activity of schools in direction of forming active life position in them;
-    To learn safe behavior rules in streets and roads, to master the rules of  propagating the road traffic rules and organization of this process among the children;
-    Children’s mastering the skills of aiding the sufferers during traffic accidents;
-    To take part in the process of forming legal sense, humanistic attitude towards the surrounding people, amicable sense and other moral qualities in pupils.
1.4    GYATP is created by STP and educational bodies in secondary schools, out-of-school institutions, in the areas where children and teenagers live.
1.5    Leaders of secondary schools, out-of-school institutions elect public organizers by STP body’s mediation among the teachers, educators, teachers of educational institutions training driver staff, also the traffic police collaborators, for running a business with GYATP.

2.    Primary directions of GYATP’s activity:
2.1    To form the sense of courage, militancy, industry, deep love for native land, humanistic attitude towards the civil society, amicable sense and other moral-psychological qualities in members of GYATP.
2.2    To perfectly learn road traffic rules, to master the methods of the children’s traffic traumatism prevention and of warning, rules of aiding the sufferers during traffic accidents.
2.3    General acquaintance with the technical means used for the purpose of directing road traffic rules.
2.4    To conduct explanation work in schools, pre-school educational and out-of-school institutions in regard to propagation of road traffic rules by using technical means.
2.5    To ensure the participation GYATP’s members in contests, views, competitions of agitation brigades, as well as the activity in accordance with traffic security in school auto grounds and auto areas.
2.6    To effectively organize work with young cyclists.
2.7    To master technical knowledge, to take part in events held in this direction, in demonstrating the work of young technicians and in technical creative circles.
3.    Organization and structure of GYATP’s work.
3.1    A member of GYATP may be 10-16 aged pupils of a secondary school willing to participate in the work of the group.
3.2    The group is created on condition of containing not less than 10 members and may be divided into units.
3.3    Admission to membership of GYATP is realized on oral request in assembly of the group. Trainings for the newly admitted are held by help of public organizations of school and representatives of STP. At the end of the trainings they take oral tests related to road traffic rules and duties of GYATP. When the nominee successfully passing the tests is admitted to the group, he/she gets the card of GYATP’s member, badge and chevron.
3.4    Constant guidance over the conduction of work with GYATP is executed by the staff of GYATP elected in the general meeting of the group. The staff elects the group commander and unit commanders among its personnel.
4.    Rights and duties of GYATP’s members.
4.1    Rights of GYATP’s members.
4.1.1    To participate in all discussions related to the group’s activity and to make appropriate offers;
4.1.2    To elect a member and be elected as a member of the staff of GYATP;
4.1.3    To address to regional and STP departments for help and consult on issues of traffic security and protection of public order.
4.1.4    To carry the specified distinguishing badges of young assistant of traffic police;
4.1.5    To keep watch in order to control the road traffic rules to be followed in school surrounding streets, to organize entertainments for children and teenagers in their leisure time under supervision of a traffic police collaborator;
4.1.6    To be awarded the certificate of honor of STP, school leadership and other organizations, valuable prizes for being active as a young assistant of traffic police, to take part in local, republican, regional and international contests.
4.2    Duties of GYATP’s young assistant:
4.2.1    To take active part in group’s work, to timely and precisely accomplish the tasks of the staff and the commanders, bearing the name of GYATP’s young assistant with honor.
4.2.2    To learn the road traffic rules and be a model in executing the rules;
4.2.3    To conduct explanation work in accordance with the propagation of road traffic rules among peers and very young children;
4.2.4    To prevent the breach of road traffic rules by children;
4.2.5    To constantly strengthen health, to regularly be engaged in physical training and go in for sports.
5.    GYATP’s logistical support.
5.1. Conducting work with young assistants of traffic police (assembly, meeting, contest, review, excursion, march, quiz, etc), building auto grounds and auto camps, their equipping, buying uniforms for squad members, badges, licenses, manuals, equipment for cultural and public affairs and other expenses are realized at the expense of extra-budgetary funds of STP, donation funds of appropriate executive bodies and other legal and natural persons.

Pictures from a group of young traffic police assistants