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Appeal to road users from the Main State Traffic Police Department on hot weather conditions

Duties of pedestrians


they must go along pavement, pedestrian strip, with the sides of the way, on the other way, on the condition that if all of them don’t exist in order not to obstruct the movement of the cyclists they must move on the cycle way or must go along the external edge of movement part on separating strip of road (they may go along the edge of movement part of  the road if the pedestrians carrying large objects, as well as, the people on the disabled vehicles create a barrier to other pedestrians) ;

 they must cross the railway, movement part of highway, streets with pedestrian crossings, as well as, with underground and surface crossings, in the other case, with pavement line or road sidelines on the road separating;

they must go against moving direction of the transport means while acting with the part of motorway outside settlements ( in such cases, the people who rides motorcycle, scooter, cycle and who moves in the disabled vehicles must go in the direction of movement of transport  means ) ;

 they must wait for the transport means which is in common use and taxi only in auto squares raised a little higher in the moving part of the road, otherwise, on the pavement or with  the side of  the  road (it is allowed  only to get out part of motorway  after stopping the vehicle in order to get on transport means which is raised a little higher  in the parking station. It is necessary to leave moving sides of road immediately after getting out off transport means);

They must consider trimmer’s or pedestrian’s traffic light as basis in the places of movement regulation, in case of absence, the sign of transport traffic light;

They must not linger or stop in the moving part of the road without necessity;

they must not cross moving part of the road, while there are  red or yellow flashing light and a special sound signal connected  transport drawing ( people who are in the moving part  must  immediately loosen this part  and  make way for  these transport means); 

they must ascertain that there is no any approaching transport mean  before crossing the moving part of road behind standing transport mean or other barrier limited the field of vision;

they must cross the road under the rectangle relatively to the movement part of road edge if there is no crossing or cross-road in the zone of visibility and separating strip, a barrier not hurdling in both visible fields;

they must cross only in the view sphere while there is no transport mean in dark time of  day in the  parts of the road that have not been lightened;

Pedestrian may get out the moving part of road in the  unregulated pedestrian crossings after  appraising their speed and distance just the approaching transport means and ascertaining the road crossing for their safety;

Pedestrians who failed to complete passage must wait for movements of transport means in the opposite direction  on the separating  line; Pedestrians may continue crossing only after ensuring traffic safety and taking into account the signal of traffic light;

It is allowed to organized pedestrian groups to go only in the movement direction of transport mean, along the right side of road movement part, with a group of not more than four people. In the front  and behind of group  – in the left must be accompanists, they must take red flag  in their hands, alighted flash: white – in the front, red light flash –in the behind, on the day of dark time and limited visibility condition;

It is allowed to take children as a group only in the dark time of day and accompanied by adults only along pavements, pedestrian ways, and in the absence of these, along the sides of the way.

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