Informations 28 June 2022-nd

As a result of the measures taken by the employees of the Regiment on Environmental Monitoring of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the MIA, the illegal actions of Rashad Najafov, who was driving a bus under the influence of drugs, were prevented. Thus, Rashad Najafov, the driver of the bus “MIDIBUS” brand, state registration plate 90-CT-684, moving from Sulutapa settlement towards the capital, was detained by the employees of TPS Regiment on Environmental Monitoring. The driver's actions during the verification of documents caused doubts, he was provided with a medical examination. During the examination, Rashad Najafov was determined to take drugs, and he admitted that he was a drug user. According to the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan Rashad Najafov was sent to the court for consideration and drawing up an administrative protocol. By the decision of the court Rashad Najafov was arrested administratively for 2 days with the restriction of the right to drive a vehicle for 15 years.

Normative documents

1. General provisions
1.1. The Regulation was prepared in line with the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic «On road traffic» and Decree No 24 of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic «On the application of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic on road traffic» dated 22 November 1998, and establishes the rules for conducting state registration and inclusion into the state register (hereinafter referred to as “registration”) of mechanical transport vehicles and their trailers owned by legal entities and private individuals (hereinafter referred to as “transport vehicles”) on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic.
1.2. All legal entities and private individuals regardless of the form of ownership and organizational and legal status (hereinafter referred to as “owners of transport vehicles”) shall conduct state registration of transport vehicles they own in the following bodies:  
1) mechanical transport vehicles of all types, brands and models with engine capacity of 50 cubic centimeters and more, maximum design speed of more than 50 km/h, as well as their trailers and semi-trailers at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic;
2) streetcars and trolleybuses at local power executive authorities;
3) tractors, mechanical transport vehicles which are used in forestry and agriculture, the list is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, at the Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic;
4) technological transport vehicles, as well as mechanical transport vehicles which the list is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, except for the vehicles specified in sub-items 1 and 3 of this item — at the Ministry of Emergencies of the Azerbaijan Republic;
5) sporting transport vehicles designed for competitions should be registered at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Azerbaijan Republic;
Mechanical transport vehicles of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan shall be registered by the Ministry of Defense of the Azerbaijan Republic.
Mechanical transport vehicles of other armed formations shall be registered by the same state bodies.
1.3. State registration is conducted with the aim of determining the compliance of the structure, technical condition and equipment of transport vehicles with established safety rules, introducing changes to registered information on transport vehicles during their operation or breakdown, determining military serviceability of transport vehicles, payment of duties, administrative penalties imposed by vehicle owners for administrative offenses against the rules of traffic and traffic safety, as well as putting transport vehicles onto a register in a centralized order and in regions, providing compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners and personal accident insurance of passengers transported by vehicles carrying out passenger transportation services.
A transport vehicle shall be registered in the name of its owner (legal entity and private individual), while transport vehicles owned collectively in the name of one person. The owners of permanently registered transport vehicles shall receive a state registration certificate for the transport vehicle and state license plate number (two for automobiles and one for motorcycles, tractors and trailers).
Note: The transport vehicles intended for use by secret and operative search bodies may, in addition to state license plate numbers issued at the time of registration, receive additional state registration numbers with the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic.
1.4. Legal entities and private individuals shall register their own transport vehicle with bodies responsible for state registration of transport vehicles at their legal and residential address:
1) within ten days from the time of acquisition;
2) within ten days from the change of residence of a private individual and location of a legal entity;
3) within ten days from the time of mortgage agreement of a transport vehicle:
4) if a vehicle is imported from a foreign country — within ten days from the date of customs clearance;
5) within ten days from the time of change to engine, body and chassis number of a transport vehicle or occurrence of other circumstances requiring change of registration information.
1.5. Implementation of operations pertaining to the registration and re-registration of a transport vehicle and cancellation of registration, registration over a pledge, change in registration and technical indicators and other circumstances shall hereinafter be referred to as «registration actions».
1.6. Bodies performing state registration of transport vehicles shall carry out the following activities in connection with state registration of transport vehicles:
production and request of the registration certificate for a transport vehicle, state license plate numbers and other special products and equipment;
registration of transport vehicles, documentation of their alienation, state registration of the vehicle mortgage agreement and subsequent mortgage agreement, as well as additional state registration of the mortgage in cases provided by law, issue of registration certificates and state license plate numbers for transport vehicles;
keeping a record of registered transport vehicles by regions and in a centralized order, collection and preparation of necessary information for organization of it;
distribution of state license plate numbers by serial numbers among districts;
provision of structural subdivisions with state registration certificate forms, state license plate numbers and other special products and equipment for transport vehicles;
control over distribution of state license plate numbers, registration certificates and other special products by structural subdivisions, and periodical inspections;
organization of state registration and permanent registration of vehicles, issuance of registration certificate and state registration plate on the basis of “one window” principle.
Keeping a record of commercial organizations, commission shops dealing with sale of transport vehicles and spare parts, provision of sold vehicles with «transit» plate numbers and datasheets for temporary access to road traffic and periodic control over their distribution in line with the established order shall be carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic.
1.7. The right to receive information about registered transport vehicles and their owners from the database of registered transport vehicles in a centralized order and by districts belongs only to inquiring agency, investigating bodies, courts and other bodies appointed by law.
1.8. It shall be prohibited to operate the following transport vehicles on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic:
1) transport vehicles which have not been state registered or cleared through customs;
2) transport vehicles without state license plate numbers or with state license plate numbers which have been forged or issued to another transport vehicle, or which fail to meet the state standard for state license plate numbers.
1.9. The state duty provided by this Regulation, as well as fine imposed in case of administrative violation against the rules of traffic and road safety, which have entered into force in respect of the owner of the vehicle or other person entitled to dispose of it, and the execution of which has not been postponed or delayed may be paid only through bank, post, plastic card, electronic payment systems or the Internet.