Period of passing an official checkup

Taking into consideration makes of transportation means once a year, from January 1st up to October 31st, an official checkup is held for automotive vehicles of all type, make and model, their trailers (semitrailers) belonging to legal and natural persons (except Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic and other units), being permanently and temporarily registered within the territory of the republic, having engines with 50 cm3 and more working volume, constructive maximal speed of which is more than 50 km/hour;
  • For “VAZ” automobiles: from January 1st up to May 1st;
  • For “GAZ”, “Moskvich”, “ZAZ”, “UAZ” and other CIS-manufactured cars: from May 1st up to July 1st;
  • For lorries and buses: from July 1st up to September 1st;
  • For cars made in foreign states (except CIS states): from September 1st up to October 31st
A fine in the amount of 30 manats is imposed on natural persons and a fine in the amount of 40 manats up to 70 manats on officials for a vehicle’s not being passed an official checkup by owners or drivers of transportation means in defined order and period (the latest date of a period is noted by a hole on an official checkup coupon), for absence of repeat state registration of a state registered vehicle when it is granted to another person under an pledge agreement, power of attorney, not fulfilling an obligation on returning a vehicle, breaking rules of making vehicle alienation and pawn formal in accordance with the article No. 154.1 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Azerbaijan Republic.