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Recommendations of the Main State Traffic Police Department for drivers preparing to travel on non-working days

Issuance of driving license and changing

INSTRUCTION on the rules of replacing driving licenses, receiving exams from the persons who intend to get driving licenses, giving the right to drive the auto-moto transportation means
3. Driving license.
3.1. Driving license is the document of the owner confirming the right of a person to manage the means of transportation.
3.2. Depending on the type of mechanical transportation means, the driving licenses, given in the Republic of Azerbaijan, have different types, such as giving the right to manage motorcycle, car, tram, and trolleybuses.
           3.3 Not depending on the type, within the ellipsis mark of each driving license, distinction mark of the Republic of Azerbaijan in international traffic –“AZ” and numbered with figures, the following information is shown:
- surname of the owner;
- owner's name and patronymic;
- date of birth and birth place of the owner;
-owner's place of residence;
- the name of the body, that has given the driving license;
- date and place of issue of the license;
- period of validity of the license;
- number of the license;
- official's signature, stamp of the body that has given the license;
- signature and blood group of the owner;
- special notes;
- A model of driving license is shown in Annex1 of the Instruction.
3.4 The validity period of the driving license is defined by RED as the following:
- For persons under the age of 60 - 10 years;
- For people aged 60 and over - the remaining period until they are 70 years of age;
- For people who have 70 or more - 2 years;

- For people whose illness has been defined by the Ministry of Health – the time shown in the submitted reference, but no more than 2 years.
Note: The driving license of which the validity period has been expired is changed accordingly.  If there is no any changes in the indicators of the owner (name, surname, address, photograph, signature, etc.) , depending on his/her desire, the validity period of the driving license can be prolonged within the periods specified in paragraph 3.4 of this Instruction. In this case, relevant notes are made in the column of “Special Notes”.
3.5 The name of the driving license is written in the state language of Azerbaijan Republic and in the French language ("Permis de conduire"), and the names of the information noted in license is written in Azerbaijani and English languages. Other informations are written in Azerbaijani language. The name of driving license and its props may be repeated in Russian.
3.6 The owner of the driving license is obliged to protect the driving license given to him/her and when it’s lost he/she is fined in accordance with legislation.  
4. Registration of educational institutions on preparation (raising the qualification) of the drivers of transportation means and control rules to their activities.
4.1 Educational institutions dealing with the preparation of drivers of auto-moto transportation means and raising their qualification should be registered in BSTPD.
4.2 The inspections is carried out for the registration of newly established educational institutions on the legal basis of the enterprises engaged in this type of activity in these organizations and compliance with the requirements of the Regulations approved by decision No. 4, dated on March 15, 1999 of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "Motor vehicle drivers and their professional development training courses” in order to prepare  driver personnel and raise their qualifications. As a rule, Inspection Commission has the following composition:
- Employee (chairman) of BSTPD;
- representatives of educational institutions and their head-offices, as well as other ministries and agencies (commission members).
4.3 In order to investigate and eliminate the reasons those have a negative impact on the quality of the preparation of the drivers of vehicles, as a rule, verification of educational institutions is carried out once a year on the basis of next inspections. Plan is defined for carrying out new inspections, every year. Inspection period and other conditions are reflected in the plan. Extraordinary inspections may be carried out if necessary.
4.3.1 Status of the material-technical base of educational institutions, preparation of the drivers within the specified period and the compliance status of the programs of raising their qualification and the requirements of Regulation approved by Decision No. 41 of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as, engineer - teaching staff, production masters, instructors are determined by the level of knowledge during inspection. At the same time, methodological provisions of the lessons, in accordance with the Regulations and on driving skills of initial training autodromes and closed squares, technical instrumentation of specified mechanical transportation means for  passing driving trainings in roads are checked.
 4.3.2. Instructor, giving trainings in roads, should have the document on having at least 5 years experience of driving vehicles, as well as, driving license.
4.3.3. The result of the inspection is documented with the act compiled in independent form. Act on the results of the inspection and requisition, documents expressing claim and instructions are legal documents for making relevant decision.
4.4 Numbers of people who are studying in teaching groups for preparation of drivers of transportation means and raising their qualification should be 10-30.
4.4.1 During the last 15 days from the start of classes in training organizations, each teaching group should be registered in territorial RED. In accordance with the Annex 3 of this Instruction, including to RED, within 7 days after the registration, the list of each teaching group should be sent to the Republic’s Registration-Examination Department of BSTPD.
4.5. Material-technical base of groups of educational organizations, that don’t meet the requirements of the Statute, as well as, that don’t come to a conclusion from the presentations of BSTPD are not registered. The written notification is sent to the educational institution and its head office. Educational groups of the organization can only be registered after the elimination of the deficiencies mentioned in the act and implementation of the requirements referred to paragraphs 4.1.-4.3 of this Instruction.  
5. Acceptance of examinations and rules for issuing driving licenses
5.1 Every person, who wants to get driving license should pass practical and theoretical examinations on the management skills of the transportation means.
5.1.1 Examinations, firstly, carried out on theoretical, then on practical basis. Persons, who have not passed the theoretical examinations, will not be allowed to the practical examinations. The acceptances of practical and theoretical examinations are carried out in accordance with the Annexes 7 and 8 of this Instruction.
5.2. Theoretical and practical examinations are accepted by the examination commission organized in RED. Examinations in RED are accepted in the days specified by examination commission in accordance with the educational institutions.
5.3. Examination commission, accepting the theoretical and practical examinations, should consist of two or more persons. The staff of commission is defined by the RED and has the following composition:
- chairman- employee of registration-examination department (section, group);
- members- representatives of automobile transport facilities, military commissariat and other relevant organizations.
5.4. Members of the examination commission must know traffic rules and the rules for the acceptance of examinations, as well as, those persons should have:
- higher or secondary technical education on automobile specialty;
- the driving license should be according to the accepted examination category of driving transportation mean.
5.5. students of the educational institutions must submit the following documents to the RED:
- Except the people referring to the 2.10. and 2.11. Paragraphs of this Instructions, certificate on passing preparation on the intended volume in educational plans and programs on the preparation of drivers of transportation means referring to the relevant category;
- Extract from the examination tables, or supplement to the diploma;
- the document on registering in BSTPD for the people who have prepared independently in accordance with the relevant category;
- medical reference on the suitability of the management of the transportation mean with the relevant category;
- receipts on the payment of the fees, compensation and duties specified in the legislation for the examination and issuance of driving license;
- Identification cards of the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan (relevantly, license on the registration of foreign citizens in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan or Identification card of the person without citizenship for the use within the borders of the Republic of Azerbaijan).
5.6. Driving license is issued accordingly by RED to the persons who have successfully passed the theoretical and practical examinations on the skills of driving transportation means.
5.7. Persons who have trained in educational institutions for the management of the vehicles should not be allowed to the theoretical and practical examinations earlier than 7 days.
5.8. According to the provision 2.10 of this Instruction, persons who have been allowed to the examination must be allowed to the re-examinations after 20 days.
5.9. Examination results on traffic rules and driving training are signed by the all members of the commission participated in the examinations and documented with the protocol in accordance with the Annex 4 of this Instruction.
5.10. Issuance and preparation of driving licenses in a correct form are controlled by the chairman of the examination commission, and asserted with his sign and the stamp of RED.  The submitted driving licenses are registered in the registry in accordance with the Annex5 of this Instruction.
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